About Us

Kautilya Group’s

story started in 2000 with the purchase of a small hotel in Virginia.

We rolled up our sleeves and made good use of our 45 years of combined expertise and experience in hospitality to manage every aspect of our hotel’s operations from the ground up. We modified each and every hotel operation systematically and logically – identifying problem areas and then implementing innovative solutions that made the biggest difference.


We also recruited and trained driven, passionate individuals we trusted could follow through and maintain the standard we had established. There were numerous challenges and obstacles along the way, but we met them head-on, learning and growing with each step.


We knew that if we focused on the core philosophy of hospitality and provided quality customer service, we could turn this little hotel into someplace special. We did! However, could we do it again? There was only one way to find out, so in 2005 we took the leap and purchased our second hotel in Connecticut.

Using our expertise and everything we learned with our first rehabilitation endeavor, we brought our second hotel back from the brink and turned it around in no time. As the guests kept coming, we had all the evidence we needed that our methods worked and were profitable. It was time to take the Kautilya Group to the next level.

So, over the past two decades, we have grown from strength to strength. From such humble beginnings, the Kautilya Group is now a hotel management powerhouse with a broad range of abilities, keen insights, and decades of knowledge to revolutionize the hospitality sector.

Our portfolio now includes over 7 hotels throughout the Northeast and Midwest, with a focus on upper midscale service and extended-stay hotels. We are proud to say that each of our hospitality properties consistently exceeds all expectations, and we are dedicated to ensuring it stays that way.

Our Mission

Provide quality customer service and asset development to upper midscale service and extended stay hotels in the Northeast USA.

Our Vision

Breathe new life into hospitality from infrastructure to management that benefits everyone, from our stakeholders to our guests.

Our Core Values


Each of us is responsible for our actions, always focused on results.


Working together with open communication to find solutions


Uncompromised honesty in all operations to build trust across all levels


Looking beyond and investigating creative avenues and ideas


Empowering each other to develop talents and encourage growth

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