About Us

Our Vision

Our focus is clear – leverage our unique experience and investors. Our undying commitment is to provide unparalleled quality in every sector of operations.

Kautilya Group offers its clients unprecedented personal and individualized attention:

Kautilya Hotel Management


Kautilya Hotel Management and leveraging them to meet owner objectives.


Kautilya Hotels

Kautilya Hotels has a 25 year track record of development, acquisition, ownership and is committed to being a premier lodging company.


Kautilya Real Estate


Kautilya Real Estate applies principles learned in hotel, office and results.


Kautilya Group Investments


Kautilya Group Investments leverages its best in class team of leaders to provide superior risk-adjusted returns throughout changing market conditions.


Executive Profiles

Gary Patel - Chairman & CEO
Vinita Patel