Our Approach

Our hotel management approach is focused on appointing Managers with experience, expertise, knowledge, as well as proven capabilities of adapting to the culture of the organization and delivering the results expected of them.

The key characteristics of our management include:

State Of The Art Tech Support To Enable Real Time Management


The local GM is empowered with the best that hotel technology can offer combined with daily forecasting of costs and an MIS based system of labor accountability.


Regular Performance Reviews

Our results driven performance appraisal system ensures that we are able to capitalize on opportunities quickly and efficiently. Personnel evaluations are scheduled on a quarterly basis and the results are measured viz a viz organizational targets.


Maintenance and Asset Protection


Our asset protection programs are designed keeping in mind the motto- ‘Prevention Is The Best Form Of Protection’. We have a formal and written checklist system for quality assurance and accountability.


The Key Areas Of Our Hotel Management Services Include:

Food & Beverage: Our F&B managers have the experience and knowledge of running thriving and successful restaurants. Not only are they experts in management of day-to-day affairs but also have the flair for planning and executing special events and promotions.

Sales & Marketing: We create customized sales and marketing strategies to ensure we are able to deliver time and cost efficient results to help your hospitality business grow. To ensure accountability and results, we have monthly sales reviews and analysis.

Revenue Management: We have proven track record of focusing on our clients’ best interest, quality demand generation, high conversion rates, maximization of incremental revenues and stringent cost control. Our results are therefore the best in the business.

E-Commerce: The focus of our E-commerce management services is to strategically maximize the exposure of your properties across multiple channels to maximize revenues and get you excellent ROI.

Graphic Design/Print Media: The Graphic Design and Print Media team at Kautilya Group holds extensive expertise in creating and executing print campaigns that not only get noticed and talked about, but also create conversions.

Brand Management and Quality Assurance: We put in our years of expertise, out of the box thinking and knowledge gained through the management of premium luxury hotel brands to ensure you get the maximum value out of our brand management services.

Finance and Accounting: At Kautilya we deliver timely accounting information that can be used by the management as a report card to control expenses based and deliver cost efficiency across departments.

Risk Management: We provide the resources you need to synergize your business goals with your employee benefits and risk management strategies. By reducing claims costs we help your business gain greater financial robustness, and stay on top the emerging risk issues of the dynamic hospitality industry.

Procurement: Our procurement team sources products for every department in the hotel, be it for the kitchens, guest amenities, laundry services or any other department. Our staff holds expertise in negotiating the best possible price and ensuring timely deliveries to your hotel.



Planning and Positioning:  At Kautilya we ensure that your organization stays focused on long term profitability and create strategic plans and evaluation reports to ensure the same.

Design and Construction: We provide the entire gamut of sophisticated, time and cost effective development, design, and construction management services for new constructions, renovation and acquisitions.

We also provide assistance with development due diligence to ensure the legal and financial feasibility of the proposed construction/renovation plans.

Human Resources: At Kautilya, we understand and possess the capabilities to handle the unique challenges of the hospitality industry’s human resources. Different background and the focus on creating the best guest experience means selecting and managing manpower to ensure their personal goals are always in sync with those of the organization.

Training and Development: HR management is not limited to finding, motivating and retaining top talent. At Kautilya we are committed to ensuring that top talent not only stays, but also delivers better consistently and constantly. Our Training and Development strategy’s focus is and has always been on meeting the dual objectives of creating the right synergy between the personnel’s career growth goalsand the organizational targets of achieving excellence and growth.



We take immense pride in creating profitable hotels that deliver a stellar guest experience. Mediocre is a word that holds no place in our organization and we ensure you see no trace of it in yours.